About Us

tommathieu_560As a young man, Tom Mathieu loved gardening and was fascinated by the natural beauty of flowers, so when an opportunity to work for a florist after college presented itself, he launched his design career. Flowers and plants have never failed to thrill Tom- the vast array of colors, graceful forms, leafy textures and intoxicating fragrances have captivated him. After college he co-owned a successful Palm Beach floral company for many years.

In 1996 Tom established Tom Mathieu & Company: a floral design and special events planning enterprise that has become a Palm Beach institution. People in the know adore his signature approach to creating visually stunning party décor with a focus on flowers. The undeniable power of flowers is felt at any event where Tom uses his inspired gifts.

Whether for a hotel ballroom, an outdoor tent, private terrace or oceanfront home, he creates an elegant atmosphere using imported blooms gathered from top- tier growers in Europe, Asia and South America. Tom masterfully applies his imaginative skill, together with his honed sense of anticipating clients’ needs, desires and budgets, to create upscale events. The designer’s air of calmness attracts those planning annual charity galas, weddings and high –profile parties; his peaceful demeanor conveys an intense professional passion and perfectionism. Tom’s experienced staff assists throughout the creative process with expert personal service to ensure that everything goes according to plan. But it is the boutique studio on fashionable Worth Avenue that attracts new visitors to Tom’s unique style. The designer envisions the most breathtaking social and corporate affairs with his award- winning ideas, meticulous attention to detail and gracious guidance.